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Monday, January 24, 2011

Brownies, anyone?

Theobroma is a small but cosy patisserie, bakery and chocolaterie on Colaba causeway which at first glance seems unsubstantial. However, if one waits patiently to be seated, one will soon come to realise it is worth the wait.

Brownies are their specialty, and the varieties are displayed in glass shelves along the orange faux-brick wall. Of the close to 10 different types of Brownies, the Millionaire Brownie is by far the best pick; a chewy number, with soft buttery caramel sandwiched between a chocolate chip brownie and a layer of dark chocolate truffle. The Chocolate Overload Brownie comes in at a close second. Served with an optional dollop of vanilla ice cream, the COB, as it is fondly called by regular customers, has a crunchy crust and a gooey centre. 

The menu is divided into several categories catering to a variety of hunger levels. There’s the All Day Breakfast Menu, the Bread menu, the Beverage menu and the Croissant menu along with numerous others.

An interesting innovation in the Sandwicherie menu is the Chip Butty, which is Theobroma’s signature sandwich, although it looks more like a burger stuffed with salted fries, pungent garlic mayo and cheese and topped with chicken, bacon or egg. Be sure to carry tissues if ordering this one, because cheese is sure to fall out in massive globules no matter how neatly it is eaten.

The pricing is moderate, and won’t necessarily burn holes in pockets.

With another branch that has recently opened in Bandra, it is evident that Theobroma is expanding. With time, there will hopefully be enough outlets for one to be able to indulge in some gastronomic recklessness whenever the craving strikes.


  1. Can't wait to go to Theobroma after reading this piece. You Bhukkad's rock !!

  2. I love Theo' know what you should try there? Opium...not the real thing,'s a cake.. gooey and heavenly...even bacon is amazing there

  3. Theobroma is so awesome. I love it. But I have to tell you that the one in bandra sucks...
    :-). Reading your post made me want to come back to Mumbai just to eat the brownies there