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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh good heavens, it is a cafe !

A coffee shop offering Italian and Spanish cuisine amidst a buzzing bazaar famous for it's concoction of vegetable market, electronic goods, annual Ganapati pandals and flower shops. Hmmm,unlikely, is it not ?

Yes there is a coffee place called Le Cafe located in a nondescript part of Chembur. The best part is the peace and solitude the place offers to you.

Talking about food, 'Penne in Paprika' (cheddar cream sauce with vegetable) or 'Grilled Fish' with 'Chicken Stroganoff' would be the perfect meal for the famished.The breakfast menu lists an interesting combination of Spanish omelet, French toast and waffles, Egg and spice chicken and Burji.

A glass of 'Jacob Creek Red' or 'Asahai' beer to chill over a cricket match on the LCD would mean an ideal end  to a day for a working professional.

Last of all reading a newspaper with a Cappuccino on one side and a view of the non intervening bustling street on the other !

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