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Monday, January 24, 2011

Shri Krishna ki Jai ho !

Mumbai Vada never fails to fill your appetite. Then the samosa with chutney is like ‘Sone pe Suhaga’ and yes after that cutting chai is like that feeling ’ I couldn’t have asked for more’. 
This happens to you when you’ve worked the whole day and slogged like nobody’s business and then you stop at Shree Krishna Vada center next to Tilak Bridge (Dadar) and oh là là you praise the creator of this big, wide universe for his creation ‘The Vadawala’. 
This is how I felt a few days back when I feasted on three vadas at Shree Krishna center.
God save the Vadawalas ! Thanks to them that we manage to survive for a few hours.

Written by Ulka Gokhale

1 comment:

  1. Not quite fond of shree krishna.
    I love the one near Gauthan. Opp Post office. Also Sunil wada pav in subhash nagar. And one opposite kirti college.