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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Aage corner pe hai Piccadilly

Situated on Colaba Causeway, in the Donald House building, opposite Electric House, is Piccadilly.

The ambience of the place is like any other Iranian joint but the place offers the charm of a corner side restaurant. Yes ! Ask a local vendor for the location and he'll say to you, "Aage corner pe hai , Piccadilly."  

On entering grab the window side table for three and you'll have a refreshing experience observing the causeway hustle bustle. The place is small yet it is comfortable and homely and the waiters treat you a smile with every order.     

Piccadilly serves you authentic lebanese food. Try the tangy Chicken Spaniol or Chicken Shawarma, trust me you'll thank god for it ! 

For that Indian in you who craves for chai after a good lunch, you have Pot tea, Mint tea, Ice tea, Black tea and Indian tea. Do not expect a typical tapriwala chai, you'll be disappointed. Piccadilly offers lebanese cuisine, remember ? 

What you can't do away with , is that delicious scoop of Caramal Custard. The maximum I had was two. Given a chance I would have deprived the place of Caramal Custards ! 

And here is an additional advice, visit the place late in the afternoon and believe you me, you won't feel like moving out !

Written by Ulka Gokhale

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