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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jimmy Boy !

Next to Horniman circle is Jimmy Boy. A Parsi cafe which offers excellent food at resonable prices. It is a good option to try Parsi food.

The menu reads something like this :
1.Salli Par Edu
2. Chicken Farcha
3. Chicken Jardaloo
4. Chicken Dhansak (was the only thing that I was familiar with whilst reading the menu)

But the veggies need not feel disappointed ! A plate of Veg Puff or Veg Roll priced at 20/- is a good filler. If still not happy, a plate of six veg sandwiches for 80/- should be sufficient.

The ambience is good and the waiters and the owner treat you nicely.To add to its sweetness is the uberdelicious Chocolate Troufle !

So if the idea is total relaxation, then Jimmy Boy is a wise choice.

Written by Ulka Gokhale

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